The Science

Profile.Center is benefiting from a great group of staff and advisers who has created our unique solution based on a smart combination of sciences, from Information Technology, to Psychology, to Business Administration.

Here is a brief description on what we have used/done:

Psychologic Insights

Profile.Center uses Assessment Tools developed by the global Psychology community based on decades worth of research. They are widely considered the gold-standard in Talent Acquisition, Personality Typing and Behavioral Measurement.

Smart Matching Technology

Profile.Center builds a custom, cross-validated profile for each Person, Occupation, Job opportunity, and Business Partner (Improvement service provider). We then use Mathematical Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to measure the amount of compatibility on each pair of entities in their relationship across the system.

Rich Data

A great research has been carried out on the way to use International and Local Databases of occupations simultaneously. The methods we have injected into our platform to use the data in the process of service offering, is a valuable outcome of our staff and advisors, enabling Profile.Center to overcome the complexity of its holistic approach.