About Us

Profile.Center is the Personal Success Platform, offering Self-analysis tools, Career Compatibility Advice, and Recruitment services, powered by Psychological Insights, Smart Matching Technology and rich International and Local Databases of occupations.

The Mission

Our mission is to “Increase Productivity and Efficiency of Human Resources”,

Profile center will reach this aim by providing its state-of-the-art solution toward personal success

Our Name, Our Philosophy

We believe that "Personal Success" is tied to "Career Success", but not every career fit everybody, and it’s hard to find the "right path" toward the "right target".

There is a need for a “Holistic Approach” toward “Personal Success”, through which a person can find his/her route toward success,

and at the “Center” of all of these, is the nature of “Personality of a person.

We call it a person’s “Profile”. We call it: Profile.Center

The Team

Our team is a diverse one, with developers, advisors, researchers, and support staff scattered across the globe from Europe, to Middle East, under the supervision of Dr. Shahram Soboutipour, MD, MBA.

Although our official base is in Estonia, but we are truly a virtual operation!